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Why a FAQ? A lot of people ask a lot of questions without bothering to read previous comments to see if someone else asked first. Faewild does not like repeating herself or catering to every person who thinks their question is super special most importantest and so is just going to link people to the FAQ from now on if they ask a question that's been answered more than once before. TL;DR, Fae's lazy and also kind of mean!
Why are there two authors credited? Cuz there's two authors working on "Magience"! Faewild does most of the writing for plot and dialogue, sketches pages, inks pages, and places speech bubbles. Shiloh fixes errors Faewild missed or made, colors everything, and contributes ideas for plots and dialogue as well as helps fine-tune what Fae comes up with and tells her when her ideas are stupid. Shiloh also uploads the pages on Smackjeeves and answers reader questions Fae aggressively avoids answering.
Why did Tilly suddenly get fat? Firstly, rude. Secondly, Tilly was always intended to be a chubby, heavyset girl. The problem was on Fae's end - when Tilly first showed up in the comic, Fae was infected with a nasty case of the Animu and wasn't very good at drawing different body types. Fae realized this and has been actively trying to retcon some of the characters who had specific body types in mind that were not originally shown thus due to her incompetence.
I think you mixed up your honorifics/pronouns. You keep calling the King female and the Queen male!Fae didn't mix up anything. Maybe you should try paying more attention? From the beginning, Rune's MOTHER has been the KING. Her spouse is a male, and has been referred to as QUEEN. Fae (the race as well as the author) don't believe in gender-based nonsense - titles, clothing, stereotypes, etc etc. If it's based on sex/gender, they find it absolutely RIDICULOUS. And also hilarious.
Is Raven coming back? U kno he ded? As in like, dead-dead. Permadead. Six feet under. Possibly cremated.
Is Fae REALLY a girl or does she just use girl pronouns? This question is also rude, for the record. It also insinuates garbage about sex and gender normativity, which Fae really hates considering its false and restrictive nature. Don't even bother asking this to her face ever, she'll probably hit you.
What time period does the "IRL" side of Magience take place in? WHO KNOW. Fae left this purposefully ambiguous and open to interpretation, so feel free to headcanon away.
Is Rune really a lesbian? Nope.
Will [Specific Ship] ever be canon?If you have to ask, probably not.
Will we ever get to see [Character]'s backstory too? Yup, probably! It'll take awhile to get around to everyone though.
Will [Character] come back or make an appearance again?That's one of those "Only Time Will Tell" things, you know. Patience is a virtue!
How much money do you make off Magience? Not enough to live off of but enough to pay a few bills.
Will you ever do SUPER AWESOME FAST updates again? If Fae & Shiloh ever make enough money off the comic to support two people, then yes! Otherwise, no, sorry.
Are the Magience characters based on real people? Only a couple, and only originally! The comic started as a sort of amusement between friends, but it's since evolved into something else and the characters have completely become their own people now. For the record, the main characters based on real people are Crystal/Rune, Shiloh/Shiloh's Player, Andrew/Raven, and Tilly/Tilly's Player.
How long is this comic going to be? Reeeally long.
Do you have an ending in mind? Yup! That's not for a long time, though.
Fae and Shiloh, you're both clearly capable of typing with proper grammar and syntax, so why don't you all the time?cuz we lazy and dont give a fuuuuuck

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