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Raising his level by 20 seems like a high number (especially in Magience where 20 levels is a LOT past the initial 20 newbie levels), but Multiple Weapon Mastery raises your level by 1 for every weapon type you achieve mastery with so long as one you have mastered is in your hands (weapons are classified very specifically, like a kris and a dagger would be two different weapons regardless of the fact that a kris IS an exotic dagger, the way spears, naginatas, and halberds are all subtly different from each other and thus count as completely different weapons). So... Yeah. 8D

Shiloh why did you make the arrow yellow when the font inside it is orange?????

For those of you who DON'T have superhuman vision, the arrow says "LEVEL 35".


I KNOW IT DID BUT THEN SHADING HAPPENED don't be a dumb in the future shiloh

dont be a dumb


you sneaky little shit


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