May 12th, 2013, 2:00 am

we all deal with grief in different ways. Rune apparently does so with 1000 layers of emotional suppression.

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i can see the seam from where the two sides of the grass texture shiloh used intersect

its right there

right in the middle

gdi shiloh


OH YEAH GUYS People who participated in the 2012 contest please read:

Okay so, we're taking forever. Shiloh's moved across the country to live with me and if anyone's ever switched states before you know it's a goddamn hassle. Between that and scrounging money for furniture and blah blah okay you don't need to know everything SUFFICE TO SAY We are busy as FUCK lately and barely have time for Magience as is

So here's our proposal

We had hoped to have lots of time to work on the Contest winner storyline, but instead we've barely had time to write up an outline. We're kind of ashamed and very sorry about that but IRL is IRL most of you should know how it is (being an adult sucks guys)

So how would you guys feel about large speaking parts in upcoming chapters instead? (Maiu's Mires excepted because he was written into ch 11 a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away) But like... Maybe helping out the main characters, or helping move the plot along, etc etc based on how highly the character placed in the contest. A minimum appearance of 5 pages and plenty of dialogue?

We know it's not the same as a minichapter storyline but right now it's the best we can offer. Granted it wouldn't show up until the future chapters update, but A - we can provide sketches and inks if you like when we finish them so you can see your character in action before the chapters update and B - it will be significant to the plot, C - all future readers will see your character, and D - this would essentially make your character canon and maybe even show up later again in the comic

So what do you guys think? We really really really want to be able to do something for you contest participants but as it is we just don't realistically have the time to work on such a large project in addition to our regular duties (which we didn't foresee becoming a problem when we originally formed the contest orz)


hey folks did you know you can see pages ahead of time if you [pledge at least a dollar to our patreon?] It's true! There's also neat stuff like speedraw process videos of pages, art of other projects, and access to the Patron-only Discord role/chat on a channel hosted by yours truly!

Overall pledge goals include more frequent updates and convention visits! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Please do consider helping support us on Patreon, it pays our bills and lets us work on Magience and other projects!
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