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very symbolism

many cope


such heal

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you can tell when i help color pages cuz they look awful

shiloh and i had an adventure

we packed a lunch and were gonna spend all day at the pool the other day cuz it was like 90 out and we hadnt gone swimming yet

we circled the pool looking for the gate cuz the fence was pulling some espionage bullshit hiding behind layers of jasmine and ivy

so we finally find the gate and some maintenance guy who was prowling around like a hyena launched himself at us and told us the pump had been filled with garbage and burned out so no one could swim until the weekend

so we walked over to the apartment complex next door

the gate to their pool was OPEN

so we went swimming there 8D

the gate shut and locked us in but maintenance guys came by and opened it

a manager came and yelled at me for wearing a shirt in the pool and asked what apt we're from

and I automatically answered my home apt number and she bought it and told me to just go change and i could come back

so we were like k and left



also voting incentive updated 8D


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