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If someone wants wolf pelts, you have to actually skin the damn thing.

But yeah, let's see...

Rune's Asexual Panromantic - she doesn't ever wanna do the do with anyone, though she's open to falling for anyone regardless of sex or gender.

Shiloh's Pansexual Aromantic - He wants to do the do with anyone who catches his fancy but relationships aren't his cup of tea.

Mute's Pansexual/romantic - He can fall for anyone regardless of sex or gender and find anyone attractive or desirable. Like Shiloh, he tends to base his attraction to people on their personality rather than their appearance.

Jae's Asexual Aromantic - He doesn't wanna do the do with anyone AND he doesn't wanna date anyone. Any feelings he has for people are strictly platonic.

Tilly's Heterosexual/romantic - She's only attracted to male sex/gender individuals.

Sev's also heterosexual/romantic - He only likes the ladies.


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