May 19th, 2014, 12:00 am

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Mute doesn't ONLY go shopping but he does spend a lot of time buying terrible sweaters.


hey guys we'd greatly appreciate if you'd refrain from posting disturbing gifs or images in the comments (or gifs that have rapid movement at all, bright colors, flashing colors, repeating patterns)

if you're not sure if something's disturbing then better safe than sorry and just don't use it pretty please

someone posted a gif that Shiloh saw and I had to calm him down from a panic attack due to a specific phobia of his

and I also have photosensitive epilepsy that can be triggered by gifs

so please and thank you in advance for your kindness and consideration regarding this request


hey folks did you know you can see pages ahead of time if you [pledge at least a dollar to our patreon?] It's true! There's also neat stuff like speedraw process videos of pages, art of other projects, and access to the Patron-only Discord role/chat on a channel hosted by yours truly!

Overall pledge goals include more frequent updates and convention visits! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Please do consider helping support us on Patreon, it pays our bills and lets us work on Magience and other projects!
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