April 16th, 2014, 11:01 pm

patreon helps us make magience our full time job, fyi

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Just a friendly reminder about this! Patreon is still a thing we're doing. xD

Even a pledge as small as 1$ a month gets you access to the activity feed where we post concepts, take requests for Zazzle designs or sketches, and other stuff! If we reach certain goal marks, we'll even let Patrons (people who are actively pledging) have access to the Magience Omnia PDFs for freeeeee oooooo~ (As they come out of course)

If you make a pledge of at least 2$ a month you can get a Magience-themed business card with a personal thanks written by me and Shiloh on the back! We can even ship those internationally. ;D I hear they look pretty cool, but don't just take my word for it, ask the people who've already gotten one. :0~

And there's more reward tiers too with some neat stuff for people who pledge, so check it out maybe? :D We appreciate all the support we've gotten from you guys, it really means a lot to us and you're all really really awesome.


hey folks did you know you can see pages ahead of time if you [pledge at least a dollar to our patreon?] It's true! There's also neat stuff like speedraw process videos of pages, art of other projects, and access to the Patron-only Discord role/chat on a channel hosted by yours truly!

Overall pledge goals include more frequent updates and convention visits! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Please do consider helping support us on Patreon, it pays our bills and lets us work on Magience and other projects!
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